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We don't do things normal around here at Mischief.  When it came to setting up a cellar door, as usual we threw the rule book out the window.

Your traditional cellar door generally looks out over a vineyard where you source your grapes from.  It is a place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine or two with food.

We took the concept of a cellar door, down sized it and found the busiest place we could, in Christchurch Central - Riverside Market.  It also happens to be one of the coolest communities about.

Mischief cellar door is a place to come and try our wines, hear our story, usually from one of the Winemaker's and owners Adam and Anna.  The best thing is you can grab a glass of Mischief wine or a bottle with friends and enjoy it with one of the many food options that are available at the market.

Mischief Cellardoor opening hours:
Monday - Wednesday - 10am - 6pm
Thursday - Saturday - 10am - 9pm
Sunday - 10am - 5pm